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Frictionless, contactless, and secure experiences are key when it comes to exchange of goods lockers.


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Package / Parcel:

With the anticipation of employees spending more time in the office, the number of packages being delivered there is expected to surge. These packages may include personal deliveries in addition to work-related parcels. The introduction of smart lockers can provide a quick, secure and hassle-free delivery system without burdening staff with the task of manually dispersing parcels or requiring employees to pick up from the mailroom at specified times. 

IT Equipment Exchange:

A practical application that is gaining traction and adding tangible value is the break/fix/loaner process for IT equipment. Seamlessly integrating into existing IT processes and software, this solution enables users to maintain productivity, irrespective of hybrid work policies or staffing changes. Suppose a laptop needs repairs. In that case, users can effortlessly check it in for maintenance while simultaneously retrieving a loaner laptop. Once repairs are finished, returning the loaner and retrieving the repaired laptop is just as simple. Moreover, this system allows for easy check-out of IT-related equipment, such as mice, keyboards, and much more.

IT Equipment Exchange of Goods Smart Lockers

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Library Applications:

A great way to allow students to pick up (and drop off) books and equipment at the library – at times that are convenient for them.  Integrations into the ILS are possible and allow a few lockers to be used for personal storage also.  The locker bank can accommodate various use cases – visitors, personal storage and exchange of goods.

Lockers for Ordered Pickup:

Pickup lockers present a handy solution for retrieving items ordered online or via other platforms. Using a student ID, either physical or a mobile credential, guarantees secure retrieval. We provide options such as ambient lockers designed specifically for food pickup with clear doors. Moreover, you can opt for additional features, such as lights, varying door materials, charging facilities, and power, among others.

Mail & Package:

By integrating the locker system with your mailroom software, you can ensure a seamless operation for your staff along with comprehensive audit trail capabilities. Our lockers have seen versatile applications across campuses, serving not only the main mail/parcel function but also specific applications and locations. These include laboratories, athletic facilities, academic colleges, health centers and much more.

Equipment Rental:

Lockers serve as a safe and secure method for storing and distributing equipment of various kinds, including recreational types. An innovative application, for instance, can incorporate the rental of podcasting equipment. In such a system, students can book the equipment online and receive a confirmation, after which they can retrieve the equipment from the locker. Once the rental period expires, the equipment must be returned. To streamline this process, administrative workflows can be implemented, ensuring an efficient and seamless operation.

Exchange of Goods Smart Lockers at University
Library Exchange of Goods Smart Lockers

Features & Benefits

Contactless Access:

Introducing a touchless access system enables users to open lockers without any physical contact. Solutions like mobile credentials in Apple Wallet, RFID cards, QR codes, or dedicated mobile apps can be employed to facilitate this seamless locker access experience.

Secure, Reliable Lockers:

Delivering top-tier quality and reliability in our locker designs is a fundamental aspect of our commitment, using locks with a solid record of dependability. These lockers are built robustly to withstand harsh, high-traffic environments.

Real-Time Notifications:

Implement a system that sends automated notifications to users when their package or goods have been delivered or are ready for pick-up. This keeps users informed and reduces the need for manual check-ins or inquiries.

Integration with 3rd Party Apps & Workflows:

Incorporate the goods exchange lockers with multiple software applications to streamline user experiences and minimize repetitive tasks, ensuring a seamless operation.

Self-Service Options:

Offer straightforward instructions and user-friendly interfaces on touch displays or smartphone apps. This guidance empowers users to independently handle the transaction of depositing or retrieving items from the lockers, eliminating the need for additional assistance.

Audit Trail and Tracking:

With the use of administrative software, auditing and tracking is simple. The delivery and exchange software creates a comprehensive chain of custody, ensuring seamless accountability throughout the entire delivery journey, be it in the workplace or on campus.

Creative, Unique Locker Designs and Materials:

Enhance the user experience by integrating wayfinding signage on the lockers, experimenting with various locker door colors and materials, or using vinyl wraps. Additional locker numbering or instructional signage can also contribute to better usability.

By incorporating these features, exchange of goods lockers can create a safe, convenient, and efficient experience for users, while reducing physical contact and maintaining the security of packages and goods.


Exchange of Goods
Smart Lockers

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