Smart Lockers for the Office

Flexible Smart Lockers

One of the most significant advantages of smart lockers is their flexibility. Explore how smart lockers can be customized to meet your unique requirements.


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Incorporating lockers of various sizes should be a standard. This provides employees the convenience to select the most suitable locker to meet their immediate needs. The debate between unassigned versus assigned lockers is another critical consideration. A recommended approach is to permit employees to use the locker until they complete and release it. Analyzing locker usage through regular reports can inform the development of effective guidelines and policies.

One client said it best:  “If we could do it again, we would have established rudimentary locker policies to keep the peace, but let the employees use them for 90 days or so before establishing policies.”

Test & Learn Approach

Pilot programs offer essential insights into employee needs, enabling companies to implement tailored solutions. By investing in flexible and future-proofed options, they foster adaptable work environments. Despite the challenges posed by a hybrid model, combining remote and in-person work can usher in productive, versatile spaces. Prioritizing ‘we’ spaces over ‘I’ spaces ensures effective collaboration while still catering to individual tasks.

The importance of storage solutions in office design cannot be overstated. Providing secure and convenient storage solutions for employees helps enhance their organizational capabilities, reduce clutter, and increase overall productivity.


The crux of comprehending a pilot program or initial-stage usage leans heavily on data analysis. Our smart locker solutions, whether wired or wireless, generate valuable data with each transaction or usage, shedding light on employee preferences while using lockers around the office. For instance:


Smart building or workplace apps are becoming increasingly popular as they provide convenient and personalized experiences for employees while in the office. These apps can offer a centralized platform for accessing various amenities and services within the workplace, such as elevator access, parking reservations, room temperature control, conference room reservations, desk reservations, and even vending machines.

Integrating smart lockers into these workplace apps is a logical and valuable step. By allowing employees to access lockers through the app, they can conveniently reserve and access storage space for their belongings. This not only enhances convenience but also provides an additional layer of security and accountability.


Traditional battery-powered locks are often confined to either assigned or unassigned use. However, with smart lockers, you enjoy the flexibility to transition between these modes as frequently as needed. Should a user encounter difficulty accessing their locker, unlike ‘dumb’ locks that require retrieval of a master key, smart lockers offer simpler solutions. Here are some additional examples illustrating the versatile nature of smart lockers: