Office Smart Lockers

Smart Locker Applications


The importance of smart lockers in the workplace market lies in their ability to enhance productivity, streamline processes, and promote security and convenience.

End-Cap Smart Lockers with Mail Slots

Personal storage lockers are playing a critical role in helping to support the shift in strategies related to hybrid work and making the office a sticky or attractive place.

Manufacturing Smart Lockers in Locker Room


Locker Rooms, Asset Exchange / Tracking

Smart lockers for locker rooms help ease the burden of administration, assist with safety and security, and even offer the ability to to track high value assets.

Smart Lockers in Locker Room

Corporate Fitness & Building Amenity

Smart lockers can provide a seamless workflow whether using a tenant experience app or Apple Wallet (or both).  Amenity lockers can use the same credential as tenant spaces.

Exchange of Goods Smart Lockers

Exchange of Goods

Two of the most prevalent applications for exchange of goods lockers in the workplace are package/parcel/mail and IT break/fix or exchange.


As more and campuses move to mobile student IDs – and adoption soars – lockers across campus have the same user experience and seamless access.

University of Florida Union Smart Lockers

Student Unions

Give students a safe and secure place to store personal belongings while studying or attending club meetings or other events.  Smart Lockers can even be used to pick up food or other items.

Ohio State Exchange Lockers

Commuter Students / Rental:

Commuter students tend to spend long periods of time on campus – give them a place to store items to help ease the burden of carrying stuff all around campus.  Smart lockers are easily rented also, if the university chooses.

University Football Locker Room Smart Lockers


Equipment Issuance

Whether for an actual locker room application or for equipment issuance or rental / borrowing of recreational equipment, smart lockers have you covered. – Ask about our biometric options as well.

Workplace Smart Lockers

Stadium / Arenas

As stadiums and arenas limit the amount of items that can be brought into the stadium, smart lockers that work seamlessly with the event’s tickets allow people to safely and easily store belongings.

University Library Smart Lockers

Libraries / Bookstores

Exchange of Goods

The exchange or pickup of library books or research materials is easily facilitated with smart lockers.  Use your student ID to retrieve materials ordered on-line at any time that is convenient for you.


Indoor Swimming Pool Smart Lockers


Within the hospitality sector, lockers are frequently deployed for storing luggage and servicing fitness and pool areas. These lockers can be conveniently accessed using room keys or other credentials, offering a simple and user-friendly experience.

Corporate Fitness Locker Room Smart Lockers

Fitness & Spa

The fitness industry and premium spas extensively utilize Smart Lockers in their daily operations.

Ski Smart Lockers

Ski Depots

Metra holds a premier reputation in providing ski depot solutions across Europe and is featured in globally renowned facilities. The extensive experience gleaned from European operations is applied to deliver tried-and-tested solutions in the US.