Smart Locker Design:

Custom Lockers For Any Environment


Lockers don’t only have to be put against or built into a wall — locker design is flexible and can be multifunctional. Designers can get creative with materials, textures and overall locker design to fit any space and desired aesthetic.


Smart Locker Wall Partitions

The concept of ‘neighborhoods’ or activity-based workspaces within an office is gaining popularity. It promotes collaboration and a sense of community among employees, while also structuring the workspace. Forgoing dedicated desk assignments often arises from this strategy, creating flexible spaces and freeing up room for needs-based work arrangements.

Leveraging smart locker wall partitions as a multifunctional solution for space division aligns perfectly with this modern approach. These partitions can form physical boundaries between various ‘neighborhoods’, while simultaneously providing a storage solution for employee’s personal items.

Moreover, smart locker wall partitions carry an array of functionalities that extend far beyond just dividing space.

Here are some additional benefits and features they can provide:

Personal storage

Smart lockers within the wall partitions can serve as designated storage spaces for employees to keep their personal belongings secure and organized.

Media Displays

Incorporating media displays into the design of the locker wall partitions can provide opportunities for communication, information sharing, and even branding within the workspace.

Biophilia Integration

By incorporating elements of nature, such as plants or natural materials, into the design of the locker wall partitions, biophilia can be integrated, promoting employee well-being and connection to the natural environment.

Open Cubbies

Designing the locker wall partitions with integrated open cubbies allows for the passage of light from one side of the wall to the other, promoting a sense of openness and connectivity within the space.

And not all lockers have to be designed for the same size. Every day is different and so is what your employees bring in with them when they come to the office. Providing a variety of sizes of locker openings can bring your employees a piece of mind and convenience.

Smart Locker Islands

Workplace islands are an excellent choice for fostering collaboration and informal discussions, similar to the traditional “watercooler” area. When designed with additional functionality in mind, they can become even more versatile and beneficial. Here are some other functionalities that can be incorporated into smart locker islands:

  • Incorporating seating on one end or on a side
  • Incorporating trash and recycling receptacles
  • Personal or Shared Storage
  • Exchange of Goods (similar to a Genius Bar)
Randstad Smart Lockers

Smart Locker Wall

We often think of a locker being built-in the wall or against a wall as just that. But why not incorporate additional functionality and added convenience? Similar to wall partitions, a smart locker wall can provide the convenience of personal storage for belongings, but also:

Custom Lockers to Match Your Company Brand

Customization and integration of technology play crucial roles in enhancing the user experience and aligning the smart locker system with the brand and image of the company.

Exploring the Additional Features of Smart Lockers

Custom Touch Display Designs:

Personalizing the touch display interface of the smart locker system provides an opportunity to infuse branding elements, corporate colors, and logos. This results in a harmonious and branded visual experience for employees.

Smart App Integrations:

Integrating the smart locker system with existing mobile or web applications allows employees to easily access, manage, and reserve lockers via their smartphones or other devices, delivering a frictionless user experience.

Cohesive Branding:

Customizing the appearance of the smart locker system, including the locker design, colors, and materials, helps reinforce the company’s brand and image, elevating the overall aesthetic of the workspace.

Customized Metra Touch Displays